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Financial management platform

MagniFinance, a platform to help you with the financial management of your company. One subscription plan with all the features without any limitations. Certified and unlimited invoicing. Obtain full control of the money that enters and leaves your company's accounts. Find listed bellow all the available features:

Monthly amount from

18,90+ VAT

Annual subscription plan


  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Certified invoicing (nº 1803/AT)
  • SAF-T PT Updated 1.0.4
  • Invoicing with multiple currencies
  • MB Reference
  • Send documents by email
  • Notification when the e-mail is opened
  • Company logo on the documents
  • Recurring invoice management
  • Multi-languages invoicing ​​(PT, EN, DE, ES)

Expense Management

  • Payment control of recurrent contracts
  • Automatic expense recognition
  • Private email to send expenses to be recognized
  • Manage the recurring expenses

Reconciliation of bank movements with documents

  • Intelligent reconciliation suggestions
  • Mark documents as paid
  • Drag-drop to reconcile documents with movements
  • Standing balance calculation

Financial reporting & Analysis

  • Unpaid document
  • Expenses without associated documents
  • Cost centers and categories control
  • Invoiced vs Incoming
  • Outgoing documents
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Annual result
  • Unjustified payments
  • Financial situation
  • Customizable pivots
  • Export Pivot to Excel


  • Unlimited users
  • Multiple languages ​​on the platform (PT,EN)
  • Import and export the SAF-T PT
  • Product management
  • Send the SAF-T PT to AT automatically

Another services

  • User action history
  • Expert Support Team
  • All updates included

Invoicing API

The MagniFinance Invoicing API allows you to integrate our platform with your system, app or website so you will be able to create invoices and other documents directly from it.

Attention: To subscribe our API, you must have an active subscription in our platform.

+ 9.90/ Monthly + VAT

Annual subscription plan

  • Sandbox account for integration testing
  • Integration technical support
  • *up to 1.000 invoices

* In case of companies that needs more than 1.000 invoices per month, please contact our online customer support and request a budget.

Automated invoicing for Partner Networks

Partnership management platform for companies that need invoicing on behalf of partners. Pay by partner quantity and billing volume. Contact our team to request a budget.

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